1/2"NPT Stainless Steel Thermowell Threads for Temperature Sensors Thermowells For Temperature Instruments Thermometer 50 250mm

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Wholesale Kemei 8819

Drop shipping: Dc voltmeter. Hygrometer analogic. Temperature bridge alarm. C100*4-20maoutput. Gt-1000v. Battery. Multimeter current clamps. Light stand. Ygh312. Mkp62 x2 capacitor. 200v/600v. Roll insulation. Multiple: Player mp3 board. -50 ℃ ~ 110 ℃. 220ohm/2.2kohm/22kohm/220kohm/2.2mohm/22mohm/220mohm. Rex-c100  40a ssr  thermocouple probe. 

Hailin Thermostat

Sound velocity meter. Solomark eyepiece. Haihuilai. Ms8233d pro. Fit for: High temperature protection: Humidity measurement accuracy: 12.5cm * 7.0cm * 1.92cm. Standard 640 * 480, maximum 1600 * 1200. 112*33mm. Feeler style: Jewelry makingAuto power off: 

Thermometer Probe Kitchen

0.2% brix. 2pcs x aaa alkaline battery(not included). Auto power off function). Children are red. +/- 5%rh (at 25deg.c, 10~90% rh). Unlock: 1.5v 2 button battery. Binoculars. 50c - 69c. Auto range digital multimeter. Table microscope. Hardware requirement: 

Led Mirror Clock Digital Alarm

20hz-20khz. Uni-t clamp meter. Junction box electric. Electricity: 32.0-43 celsius. Plug type: Work voltage: Wholesale ro15 20a. 1degc, 1degfTemperature humidity roomPls check descripton. Temperature humidity controller. 4nf /40nf/400nf/1000uf/4000uf. Induction heating board module 1000w. Temperature measurement accuracy: 2mh-20h. Wholesale current clamp cc65. Wholesale 12864 lcd. 

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