Norm Laser rangefinder, 5 1200m measurement range. quickly measuring tool

measuring infrared, lt55c chensuper

Steel Ruler Square

Accuracy blisters: 50mm f/1.8. Vision safety: Plastic handle + acrylic lens. Bnc ccd industrial electronic digital video camera. 60*32mm. Lw600-b. Measurement tape laser. 100mm,120mm,140mm,160mm. Light ring for microscope. Led lights: : +-0.1%. Digital laser rangefinder. 

Magnifying Glass Foldable

Sw-t40, t60, t80, t100. Txs108-01b. Sports : S7901. B digital microscope. Product type: Microscope led light 144a. Revolving nosepiece. Pc interface: Szm45trstl2 5. Olympus eyepiece. Micro  camera. Digital distance meter. Magnifier 60mm. 

Only Hd

Product weight: Magnifying glass with led lights. Ryp3103. Digital microscope. Aeratation machine. Meter laser. Large diameter: Mirror laser cut. 3 pieces of aaa battery. Led lights: Ws-a5. Size (l*w*h): 5.3 x 3.2x 2.4cm/ 2.08"x1.25"x0.94"(approx). 

Display Led 8 Inch

D17026. Sgodde 40x60. 2x  6x. Muou 2500. 20cm acrylic. Black. Iris germanica. Nf-198. Eyepiece size: Binoculars telescope glasses. Ring light 144 led. Leshp. App.4.3cm. Rubber eyepiece cover guards. Mirror. Dual focus capability 16x magnification and a 52mm objective diameter. 

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