Mini Clamp Meter, AC Clamp Tester CENTER221

earth resistivity tester, seabed insulation

Phase Line

1ma  ac/dc. Double shielding. Wholesale flexible el 10. 0.1 to 4000. -10 - 80. Tester capacity. Acm22a / ms2108a. 20-200-400a. Clamp ct, hv 1ct, lv 3 ct double- shield. Ac voltage: 0 ~ 400v (true rms) dc voltage: 0 ~ 400. Max/min value hold: 40n/400n/4μ/40μf ±(5.0%+10d),100μf ±(6.0%+10d). 50cf-100uf. Brand probe. 150/300/600v. 0.46kg. Sensor ac current. Current clamp meter. 72mmx137mmx35mm. 

Dc 40v

Auscultation. 9v (6f22). Three phases 380v. Earth insulation. 0 - 40 c. Powder sprayers. 600 v. Holdpeak. About 175mm x 60mm x 33.5mm. Wholesale clamp tube. Trottinette. -20°c~1000°c. Ac 600v. Digital ammeter voltmet. Umall. Wholesale cable rg6 coaxial. - 25c~45c. 0-40 degree c. Earth ground wire. 

Clamp Meters Digital

Ut621. 600ohm/6k/60k/600k/6m. 0.40kg. Clamp multimeter true rms. 60/600/6/60/600/6000/60000. Chairman w. Lcd+6000 counts. 21*8*3cm. Multi meter digital. Shaft size. 1uf 4x7. Ut276a. Ampere clamp meter. 


2 x 1.5v aaa batteries(not included). Digital multimeter with clamp. Use3: Digital multimeter multi. Auto power off multimeter. 600μa/6000μa/60ma/600ma/6a/20a/600a. Wholesale clamp spring. Wholesale 54mm 101a. 208mmx78mmx35mm/ 8.2"x3.1"x1.4". Clamp meter x 1 set of test leads x 1 carry bag x 1. Current clamp dc ac. About 15mw. Keyword 9: 

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