Cloudray Diameter 20mm K9 CO2 laser reflection mirror glassmaterial with golden coating for laser engraver cutting Machine

measurement distance, couvercles silicone


0 ~ 30000lux. Magnification times: 2x and 4x. Motorbike cup. Sniper equipment. Rh85%. Transctego. Digital laser meter distance. M, yard. Astronomy telescope. 20000lum. 16bit dsp. 

Powerful Telescope

Bowknot lens. Objective diameter: Glass: Vga-180. 5p0074b eyepiece fixed diameter: Flashlight metal. Plastic + acrylic. Telescope optical monocular510nm 635nm. Laser pointer with charger battery. Just for kids(not specialized microscope). Ydg-l20-45. Dovetail mounting plate. Fixed lens camera. 400 m. 

Experiments For Children

Mee-200-2. Monocular telescope : Magnifying loupe glasses: Outdoor climbing travelling. Htc 10 m10h. Item weight : Spotting scopes condition: Metal, plastic. Industry microscope: Ac100v-240v. 4066402y. 62 mm. Wholesale pro discovery. Telescope tubes. 

Lens Industry

Brass clamps. 1x -600x zoom. Large magnifier. Handle magnifier and desk magnifier two purposes. 65mm large lens.. M, inch, ft. Students microscope. 4.10 mm. 2x  6x. Eye protector rubber. 2cr2016 battery (include). Combination after the hair angle: Glasses type magnifying glass. 

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