ALLOET Digital Clamp Multimeter Ammeter Ohmmetemeter Volt DC Tesmp Meter Voltage Current Multimeter

electric ground meter, ec to usb


2pcs aaa batteries. 40a/100a/400a/1000a. Wholesale mastech clamp meter ms2115a. 2k ω. Playstation 2 conductive. 425g / 14.99oz. Wholesale regul. Jaw capacity	: Dimensions: Mount test. 9v(6f22)x1. 600-60m. 


Meter logs. 72*23*223mm/2.83*0.91*8.78in. Ac:20-200-400a,(±2.0% ). Ac/dc voltage tester. Clamp 36. 2 times/second. 200uh-2000h. 1mv/a-10mv/a. Uni-t  clamp meter. Wholesale tool lamp clamp. Winter2017. 

Multi Meter Digital

200k ohm. 1ohm to 2000ohm, +/-(1.0% of rdg + 2 dgts). 176mm x 59mm x 28mm. 200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20m ohm. Wholesale low cost car. Binful. Unit clamp meter. Ohms multimeter. Wholesale voltmeter auto. 0to 50 centigrade degree. Lcd multimeter display. Automatic range. Wholesale data show. 35 digit multimeter. Ms5308. 200v capacitor. Dca:600ua/6000ua(+-1.2%+3),60a/600a/1200a(+-2%+30). Wholesale universal multimeter digital. Current clamp: Ut281a origin: 


Test acidity. Jaw opening capability: :1*meter x 1*english user manual x 1*bag x 1*test lead. 400ω / 4kω / 40kω / 400kω / 4mω/ 40mω. Data storage : Automatic display: : Process type: -20 centigrade?1000 centigrade. Etcr2100+. Backlight: 40mohm +-(1.5%+5d). 200/20k/2m/20m/2000m  ohm. Diy suppliesl. 0~ 100khz ±(0.1% +3) duty cycle 0.1%~ 99.9% ±(3.0%). Clamp opening size: 

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